Adding icons on desktop is very simple. But those who do not know. Follow all the steps that follow. Whenever a window is inserted in your PC, then there is no icon like my computer, network recycle bin etc on desktop. These icons have to do some settings to show. And by setting this, you can also have an icon show on your desktop. In these steps you do not have to leave any step and follow all the steps. And follow all the steps and follow it, otherwise you will not be able to show icon show on your desktop. Follow all these steps.

Show icons on desktop-

Follow steps-

(1) click Right and go to personalize option and click it.

(2) New window is open and go to themes option.

(3) After going to Theme Options, click Desktop Icons Settings.

(4)The new window will open in which you want show your icons to be displayed and then tick them over.

(5) Your icons added on your desktop screen thanks For Following steps.


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