Gmail account is an account that is absolutely free and it has been created by Google. Creating this account is compulsory for every Android service or with every computer service. And to put this account on your phone, you can turn on your phone. And through a Gmail account, you get a means to save 15 when the storage data is saved. By creating this account Youtube, Google Draive, Google Plus etc. You can turn on the App. The Gmail account keeps all your contacts alive and has the following steps to create it.

Create Gmail account-


(1)  Open your Brawser and type

(2)  Go to Create New Account  And Click it.

(3)  You fill up all your information and click next step.

(4)  Accept these term and condition and click I Agree Button.

(5)  Select your country and Put the phone number you have and select Text massage or voice call and click continue.

(6)  The phone number that you have entered will bring a phone or massage and you need to write that number and click continue.

(7)  Your Account will create and enjoy it.


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