What is Google Chrome Brawser-

There are lots of softwares available on the internet. and all of the software that takes money, but Google chrome is a brawser which is absolutely free and it also makes the fastest brawsing done by Google company for windows, Mac, Linux, android. The software runs on Google’s search engine and makes faster brawsing than other softwares, it does not come in install in the softwere windows, it is dawnload separately. It is in the softwere windows version The window comes apart to separate window 32 Bit, 64 Bit.

How to dawnload Google Chrome in windows 10


(1)  Open the Brawser that is already installed on your system.

(2)  Go to search engine and type Google Chrome Brawser  Or ClickHere

(3)   Click get Chrome Brawser and Popup are open accept these permission and click Accept & install Button.

(4)  Files were dawnload and click on Run to get dawnload

(5)  After Few min. Chrome Brawser will installed .

(6) Open Google Chrome softwere  and Run it.

(7)  Enjoy ,Shere And Comment on post.


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