There may be a lot of reason to reset Android phone. your Phone may be Hanging out or your phone is not working properly, there may be a lot of reason, and resetting will be delete all the data on your mobile device automatically . If  you have not had a backup of it,  there are many ways to reset android mobile but today you will talk about a simple method that will take all the backup of your phone and also reset the phone. Singing may not decrease your phone will be easily reset by in no time. and all the data on your phone will also be back in the phone

How to Factory reset Android Phone

You can reset the android phone very easily without any other problem and its method is very easy to follow step by step.


(1)  First you go to the setting of your android phone and then you go to Backup and reset option.

(2)  After going inside the backup & Reset option, backup of my data option is On and then go to the factory data reset option.

(3)  After Entering the factory data reset option, click on the reset phone.

(4)   After few min. your android device will be reset .


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