There are all the methods to reset Android phones. But they do not completely reset all method phones. But in a simple and easy way you can hardreset your phone. And any deficiency of your phone will be hard reset. By following a few steps you can also hard reset your phone. Not all Android phones have a hard reset function. But by following some steps you can also hard reset your phone. In this method, your phone should have at least 70% charge if it is charged from. So your phone may not have a hard reset, so first charge the phone and then adopt this method.

Hard Reset Android Phone-

Follow Step By Step-

(1) First, Switch off (Power off) your phone.

(2) When the phone switches off, press the power button and Volume Up button together.

Note- Some phones have different functions, so sometimes the volume dawn button is pressed together with the power button.

(3) There will be some functions open in a while, this touch does not work and above the volume up, the volume is below the dawn and ok with the power button

(4) Once the Function is open, go to Volume Down button with wipe data / Factory reset and then click power button to ok.

(5) And then Press Volume Dawn Button and go to yes delete all user data and press power button to ok.

(6) Your phone will start getting hard reset and 1 or 2 min. After the phone will be hard reset.

(7) After hard reset, press the power button on the option of and your phone will power on.


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