To increase the security of the data kept in the zip file, that file is locked by entering the password. And as long as the correct password will not be entered in it. Until then, it will not open the zip file, but many software is available in the market to crack the zip file. Some of which are software paid and some softwere free. But you can crack the zip file through some commands. And in the window operating system, you can learn the password by changing it to the cmd and also changing the password.

Crack Zip file Password using CMD-

The password of the Zip file can be broken by technique. And you can open the cmd in your window operating system and break the password of the zip file.

Follow Step By Step-

(1) First of all, you can download the software named jhon the ripper or click the link to do a direct Dawnload – Click Here

(2) Now you can unzip the file downloaded by WinRar on your desktop.

(3) Now after saving this file on the desktop, change the file name to John.

(4) Now you open the folder named John and go inside the run folder.

(5) After going inside the run folder, make a folder named Crack.

(6) Now go to your desktop and open the CMD.

(7) Now type command cd/desktop/john/run at your command prompt and press enter.

(8) Now type the second command zip2john.exe crack/your file>crack/key.txt and press enter.

This is my folder Window10 and password ABC123

(9) Now you can crack your zip file by typing a new command John-format=zip crack/key.txt and Hit enter.

(10) In this way you can crack your zip file password by following simple steps.

Note- You can pass the password of your zip file to a few minutes You can crack. But if your zip file size is high then this step may also take a little time, or it may take a break even if your password is difficult to be simple, but your password will surely get cracked from this method. .


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