Truecaller is a mobile app that is designed to tell details of mobile number. This whole world number, no matter whose number, it gives its details. It is like a phone book, and when someone comes in your mobile phone, it gives its name and location talk and blocking them already by tracking spam calls. When you ragistar in the truecaller app, it is inserted into your server’s entire contact number in the truecaller’s server. And more such people have a truecaller app in the mobile which also ragistar their mobile number too. By which truecaller app searches for that number and displays their details in your phone.

How to Dawnload Truecaller app and Ragistar-

(1) First of all open play store in your mobile and search Truecaller or Link in Blow

Dawnload truecaller link- click Here

(2) After the Truecaller is dawnlaod, open the app and click on Get Started.

(3) In the next step, enter the phone number and click on Continue.

(4) Now you will get a code on the number you enter, copy and paste the code into truecaller.

(5) Now enter your name and email or signin with Facebook or Google Account and click on continue.

(6) Now you click on the Next button, then your phone will open a popup in which you do yes.

(7) Again you will click on the Next button and again a new popup will open in your phone in which you click on the Continue and click the Next button.

(8) Your truecaller app will be open with Ragistared.


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