When you do window upgrade or Dawngrade on your computer, your C drive or the drive in which you have a window. It becomes a folder with a window old name. And this folder is not even deleted in a normal way. And this folder is above your window file. The more files that will be in your old window, the larger the size, the folder can be around 18-20 GB. You can not even delete this folder easily. But today, you will talk about a simple method, which you can follow, and you can also delete a folder named “Window Old” from your computer. You can empty the filled space in your drive. And this folder will be permanently deleted from your computer.

How to Delete “Window. Old” Folder-

Follow Step By Step-

(1) First of all, you go to start button and search “Disk Clean Up.

(2) Open Disk Cleanup software and select your drive to which drive you have a folder named Window.old and click ok button.

(3) A popup will open when you click on cleanup system files and click OK.

(4) Now select your drive again and click OK.

(5) A popup will open in that you select the previous window and click ok.

(6) A new popup will open, in which you click on the delete files.

(7) Now the file named “Window.Old” will be deleted.


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