After rolling out, a new feature of Game mode has arrived in Window 10. This feature is very interesting. When Window 10 was launched before, the game mode feature was not added to it. But after the new update came, it also got the option of game modes. By turning on this option, you can increase the speed of your game. The background process of your computer will stop the process of your game bigger. Your computer speed will also be accelerated. And your game will also play smooth and comfortable by slowing down or preventing your computer’s background process by playing Game Mode. Follow the steps below to set the game mode

Disable or Enable Game Mode in window 10-

Folow Steps-

(1) Click the Start button and go to Settings option.

(2) After accessing the window settings, click on the Gaming option.

(3) After inside the gaming option, click on the Game mode option.

(4) After going into the game mode option, click on the game mode option ,turned On that option.

(5) Your game mode option is turned on Now you can enjoy your game.


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