Avast anti-virus can be installed on your computer to detect all the viruses on your computer and remove those viruses. Avast anti-virus is a very good software. To remove the virus from your computer, It makes your computer bigger the speed, and accelerates the proccesing of your computer .Avast anti-virus keeps your computer safe and secure. In this, you can remove your computer’s virus from the Internet by installing the Internet security is. With this software you can also scan your phone and make it safe and secure too. There are many ways to install Avast Anti-Virus but today you will be able to talk about a simple method. You can install avast anti-virus in your computer.

How to Install Avast Anti-Virus-

Follow Steps-

(1) Open your browser and type File Hippo.com and search Avast Anti-Virus.

(2) Now download your Avast Antivirus file in your computer.

(3) Now after the file is downloaded, click on the Install button.

Note- Your internet connection should be over, otherwise your avast anti-virus will not be installed

(4) Installing may take some time and your Avast antivirus will be installed shortly after.

(5) Click on continue when your avast anti-virus is installed.

(6) After clicking on Continue, you will open the privacy policy page, read the privacy policy, and click on continue again.

(7) You will have your Avast antivirus installed Now you can scan your computer.


Avast Antivirus is a very good software. Keeps your computer safe and secure. And does not spoil any files from your computer. This anti-virus increases the speed of your computer too.


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