linux is an operating system that is built by the best developers of the whole world, it is something like windows. But you can do better than Windows. linux is a secure operating system. And you can install it in any system linux operating system has been degine after Windows, Linux operating system is absolutely free and there are many versions like Kali, Ubuntu. You can also install the Linux Operating System with your pen drive. For that you have to make Pendraive bootable before you. Follow the steps below to install Linux operating system.

Install Linux Oprating System-

Follow Step by Step-

(1) First of all install USB Softwere and Linux operating system.

Dawnload USB Softwere Link- Click Here

Dawnload Linux Oprating System Link-Click Here

(2) Now you connect your pen drive to your computer and install the USB software and open it and click on the Agree button.

(3) After agreeing, you select Ubuntu in step 1, select the location of your Linux file in step 2, and in Step 3, select your pandrive and click on Create.

(4) A popup will open that you click on yes, your Pandraive will be bootalbe.

(5) When your pandraive becomes bootable, you restart your system and press F12 while restarting.

(6) When the system restarts, you will open the Linux setup, select your language and click Install Ubuntu.

(7) In the next step, you will have to click on both the options and click on Continue.

(8) In the next step you have to click on Erase disk and install Ubuntu and a popup will open and click continue.

(9) Now select your country and click on the continue and select your language and click on the countinue.

(10) Now a form will open, in which you will have to fill the form and click on the cantinue.

(11) Your ubuntu Linux operating system will start to install, when it is installed Click Restart Now.


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