These are all work done by Google adsence, making ads on the site you create and making money from those ads. And for that, you have to create an account for google adsence. It is easy to create an account for Google Adsense and after making the account, it can be earned by putting advertisements on it. Google Adsense account is created to earn money and you can also create your Google Adsense Account and earn money by reading the steps given below. By submitting your site in Google adsence, Google will make money in USA Currency Can Earn Follow the steps below to create an account for Google Adsence.

Create Google Adsence Account-

Follow Steps-

(1) Open your Brawser and type Google Adsence Account.

(2) When you reach the Google adsense account site then click on sign up now.

(3) Open a New Page and Enter the URL in your site and enter your email address and Click on No, click on Save and continue.

(4) New page will be open and select your country and accept the Term and Condition and click on create account.

(5) Your Google Adsense Account will be created and click on Get Started.

(6) Fill your Personal information and click on Continue.

(7) Enter your current phone number and it will come with a code by typing that code and submit it.

(8) The next page will open, copy the HTML code and paste it on your WordPress header.php and click on the update file.

(9) You come to the account of Google Adsence and click on Done.

(10) You will receive an email from Google Ads that your account has been activated.

About Google Adsence Term And conditions-

Google Adsence account takes some time to activate, because when you submit your site to Google AdSense, Google’s robots check your site completely. whether your site is copyrighted or not. And when your site is completely checked and everything is right then you will be made via email, if something goes wrong then you will be told its reasone and all your adsence option will be opened


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