What Is You Tube 

Youtube is the biggest platform to show your talent. In this , you can create and upload your videos  and show your talent to the public. This platform can be your channel by making your video in it and Earning money through Google Adsense . This is a very powerful solution . show the video in this  you can put videos on any content , which you knowledge more about , no one else can copy your video and can replay YouTube if some else puts your videos,  then the copyright the claim will come and its channel will suspended.

Create a channel on You Tube


 (1) You must first create an account on your gmail.

(2)  Open your chrome Browser and type you tube OR Click here

(3)  Go to sing in Button and your gmail account will connect on your youtube.

(4)  Again go my account and click create studio.

(5)  new window will open click create a channel.

(6)  Type your name and click  create a channel.

(7)  your channel will be create.

(8) Now you have to make all the setting according to what you have to name your channel.


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