Whenever we ever search music, movies or any other site in our browser. So sometimes our phone starts having a massage show. Which says that your phone has a virus. And your mobile sometimes starts vibrating too. And you are afraid of seeing all this massage. And click on that massage. After which he dawnload a software. After that your phone becomes a whole possibility to spoil it. And sometimes your phone gets spoiled even if your phone’s idle application starts dawnload. Or the speed of your phone slow down There are many more short cuts in your phone. To avoid all these massage follow the steps below this post.

How to Remove Virus Or Ads in Android phone-

Follow Step By Step-

(1) First of all, open your browser and click on it at the top side there will be 3 dots.

(2) Now you go to Settings and click.

(3) After going to Settings, you will now have the option of Site settings that will appear.

(4) After going inside the site setting, scroll down and click the Pop-ups option.

(5) After entering the Pop-ups option, you disable the popup option and come back to your browser.

(6) No ads will show on your phone anymore.


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