There are several methods for setting up a password in windows 10. But to know about a simple method, the post is complete. User can enter the password to secure any type of data in his account, so that no other user can open his account and keep the data kept safe. Many windows have been created by microsoft corporation. And the step to enter the password in all windows is different. After entering the password in Windows 10, when you restart your computer, you must first enter the password and no other user will be able to open that account. Follow the steps below to enter the password.

Set Window 10 password-

Follow steps-

(1) First you open the setting on window 10 and go to Account option.

(2) When you reach the settings of the account, click on the sign in option.

(3) When you reach the sign in option, click on the password.

(4) Type your password and then re-enter the same password again and enter hint the password and click on the next button.

(5) Click on the Next button and click on the Finish button.


Window 10 is the latest window created by Microsoft Corporation. And the features of the window have been very good. Users will not have any problem, and the user can easily lock their computer. And make your data secure. And it can also open its file or folder. Thanks for sharing this post like you forgot to share and comment


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