Before installing TWRP Recovery. be sure to have our phone root if you do not know how to root android phone , go then my previous post.

How to Root Android phone Click here

After Rooting the phone , you can install TWRP recovery on any phone, and you can install custom rom on your phone and can change the version of your phone and can hard reset your too can set up.

Install TWRP recovery on your phone-

follow step by step-

(1)  After Rooting Go to Play store And search Flashify OR Dawnload link-Click here

(2)  Once installed, you open the app and accept the permission to show on you phone and Allow the permission to show on you phone.

(3)   Go to Backup/Restore And then go to Backup current recovery and select the location where saving the backup files And click back it up

(4)   Aftering backup go to flash>Dawnload TWRP >fash it .

(5)  Few min. letter Recovery image can be flash And Reboot Now.

(6)  Open TWRP recovery few second letter and enjoy it.


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