Chromium is an open web secure browser that has been Devloped by Google. And this browser is used for coadbase. This browser looks like Google Chrome. And this browser was launched with Google chrome in 2008. This computer comes in the browser. Then in that computer it seems to show its performence in different ways. And when you turn on your computer Power On, it starts showing your ads. And you ask for permissions to get access. Or you start automatically opening websites for spam and when you uninstall Chromium. It does not even get uninstalled. And you think this is a virus but it has been Devloped by Google’s Web Browser.

How To Uninstall Chromium-

Follow Step By Steps-

(1) Go to the taskbar in your desktop and right click and click on Task Manager and open Task Manager.

(2) After starting the Task Manager, click Startup and go to Chromium.

(3) After going to Chromium, right-click it and go to the Open File Location.

(4) Once the file is opened, click on Local.

(5) After going to Local, go to Chromium and right click and go to Delete file.

(6) Chromium browser will start deleting and then go to your desktop.

(7) Delete the shortcut for Chromium after coming to Desktop.

(8) Chromium will be completely deleted on your computer Enjoy it.


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